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Ism - a suffix used to form action nouns from verbs (baptism); used as a productive suffix in the formation of nouns denoting action or practice, state or condition, principles, doctrines, a usage or characteristic, devotion or adherence, etc. (Darwinism; realism; witticism; intellectualism).

Isms. That's the definition. I'm using it as slang for expression of self. Because that's what Isms is for me. It's about the choices within life's circumstances. It's about how I source butterflies ethically while funding conservation; starting conversations nation-wide (and beyond) about conservation; and planting seeds of how-to-help. It's about the choice to have the frames for shadow box art made by a disabled veteran; locally sourcing the glass; and choosing hangers made in the USA. It's using ethically-sourced, sustainable, quality, rare, and naturally derived materials. It's about preserving nature into talismans of inspiration, connection, and grace. It's about showing my 4 kids how to walk and choose with integrity, and not just preach at them. It's about the hope that it inspires others to use their wings to spread into the best versions of themselves; and the circle of gratitude it creates between me and each of you.
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to do this work.

Every piece of Isms art is handmade by Holly Ulm. Isms is a female owned business based out of the historic Franklin Art Center in Brainerd, Minnesota.   

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