Perfect Gift Necklace - Real Butterfly Wing - Blue Mountain Butterfly - Papilio ulysses - With Gift Jar Packaging


Choose your favorite wing, and we'll send you a lovely real butterfly wing pendant on an 18" silicone necklace. Packaged for optimal smile response in our butterfly preserves reusable gift jar. Information about our work, and the butterfly you've chosen is included with every order.

PLEASE NOTE: You will not receive the exact butterfly shown. Our work is very consistent, but there will be variances in size and color due to the unique nature of every butterfly. We welcome special requests, and requests for custom work.

Blue Mountain Butterfly, or Mountain Blue Don Butterfly, hind wing. Papilio Ulysses – Indonesia. Bright royal blue, and black. Blue will change depending on lighting. Expect to see metallic shades of indigo and teal within the royal blue. It is said to have the truest black coloration of any animal species. The scales that produce this black color have microscopic honey-comb-like pitting across the scale’s surface, which allows this butterfly to absorb and “trap” 90% of the light that meets its wings. Without this unique texture, they would only absorb around 50% of light meeting their wings. This wing has a unique preservation process from all of the other Isms wings. It requires 3 extra steps to preserve the color due to the unusual scales of this species.

..:::How They're Made
This real butterfly wing was carefully crafted using a 12-15 step process. We use about 20 processes total, and only preserve color (we don't add color to our wings). We preserve over 700 types of wings. The process we use depends on the structure of the wing, and in large part the scales of the butterfly wing. Yes, butterfly wings have scales. This is the “powder” covering each wing. All butterfly wings are truly clear. It’s their scales that give them striking colors. These scales also work to repel moisture, and protect the wings. Some are like fine powder; some are like long hairs; and some are barely able to be seen by the naked eye. A few have no scales at all. These scale variations dictate the steps necessary to preserve each wing, along with vein structure, thickness, and other differences. The colors, and sizes of the wings will vary. Each piece is uniquely similar, just like all of us. The top 4 coats on every wing is a two-part jeweler’s grade resin. This renders them waterproof, prismatic in full sun (or under a full-spectrum light bulb), non-toxic, lightweight, and surprisingly durable. The formulas, tools, and methods used over the two weeks it takes to make each wing are custom made by us to suit this unique process.

..:::Where Do You Get the Butterflies?
No, we don’t use tiny harpoons to shoot down helpless butterflies. Our butterflies are purchased from conservation farms around the world, which funds efforts in butterfly repopulation and land conservation efforts. This not only helps the butterfly populations, it also allows us to use gorgeous exotic species! We do use the occasional found butterfly brought to us by gardeners, and travelers, too.

.:::Talismans of Change
Without change, there would be no butterflies. Butterflies are powerful symbols for change. We hope you'll find your butterfly is a talisman of courage for all of life’s changes, and grace for all of life’s choices.

.::: About Us
2 sets of hands spend equal time on each wing made at Isms. The artists are Holly A. Ulm, and Greg A. Sisco. Isms is dedicated to preserving nature through sustainable art; preserving butterfly populations; preserving butterfly habitats; and preserving real life relationships of integrity. We are an artisan family, and our studio is attached to our home in Nisswa, MN. All of our butterfly preserves are truly homemade!

.:::Is there a Need to Help Butterfly Populations?
Invertebrates on our planet have declined approximately 40% in the last 40 years. Monarch butterflies have plummeted in numbers so drastically that they are currently being petitioned for protected status under the endangered species act. There are 9 endangered species of butterfly in North America currently. Butterflies are long distance pollinators. We need ants to pollinate locally, honey bees to pollinate in about a 5 mile radius, AND we need butterflies to carry genetic diversity (up to 50 miles in a day) with their pollination. I'd like to see us work to keep butterflies on our planet. They're beautiful; they don't have stingers (or, suck blood); and they help plants grow for air, food, livestock, and more... I don't know about you, but I'd like to keep eating. The old fashioned way.

10% of every purchase is donated to the start-up of Falter Farm, a conservation effort of indigenous butterfly species in central Minnesota. Thank-you for your support.

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